Wednesday, March 26, 2014

SP#7: Unit Q Concept 2: Finding All Trig Function Values Using Identities

This SP7 was made in collaboration with Katie.  Please visit the other awesome posts on her blog by going here.

tanθ = -7/5
cosθ > 1

1. Solving other trig values using SOHCAHTOA (Unit O Concept 5)
1. Draw triangle. See that it is clearly in Quadrant 4. According to ASTC rule, only cos and sec are positive in Quadrant 4
2. Use Pythagorean Theorem to solve for missing side.   
3. Solve for trig values. Sine= opposite/hypotenuse; Cosine= adjacent/hypotenuse; Tangent= opposite/adjacent; Cosecant= hypotenuse/opposite; Secant= hypotenuse/adjacent; Cotangent= adjacent/hypotenuse
2. Solving other trig values by using identities (Unit Q Concept 2)

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