Wednesday, October 16, 2013

SV#3: Unit H Concept 7 - Finding Logs Given Approximations

To view my video, please click here.

This video will over how to find logs when given clues on how to find it. There are four clues that are given to you and two hidden clues that you can find using your knowledge of the proerties of logs. Using the clues and the power, quotient, anx product property, you will then be able to substitute the values/variables in and simplify to find what the log will equal.

Make sure to pay close attention to breaking down the numbers because some might already be a clue, but could still be broken down further. Also, ensure that you have the right signs when substituting in the clues: if it's in the numerator, then it will be positive because it multiplying; if it's in the denominator, then it will be negative because it is dividing.

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